“Parents Must Commit to Living as They Desire Their Children to Live”

It is without a doubt that a vital aspect of parenthood is being consistent. Consistent with your time. Consistent with your love. Consistent with consequences if authority is disrespected or if rules are broken.

In addition to these things, fathers and mothers must be consistent with living the kind of life they want their children to live as they mature into their own independent being. So, if you think it important for your child to abide your rules, then it is equally important that you show them how you abide by rules.

If there comes a time that you break a rule, be open with children about your failure to do what you were supposed to do.

For example, I was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. (It is kind of a bad habit of mine. I’m a bit heavy-footed so-to-speak.) I was stressed about it or yelling at the officer that I was in the right. I knew that I broke a rule and I wanted my son to see how I responded when I was told that I broke a rule.

There are times when we will break rules; but we must handle our consequences respectfully. The point is to try and grow from it.

But what some tend to forget is really working to live by the words that they pass on to their children. So, if one teaches their daughter that it is a terrible thing to lie and cheat, then you should also live by that kind of morality.

We all can imagine how many children become just as broken-hearted as their parent when it is revealed that the other parent has not been faithful. How then can the child take your word seriously? They know that you are a liar. In this kind of extreme scenario, it shows that it is bad policy to just expect your children to do as you say and not as you do when it comes to everything.

I’ve even seen parents who are smokers try to warn their children of the harmful effects of smoking. While still smoking themselves. It is like, “Why even tell them that?” They are going to follow your actions more than your word.

Remember: “Do as I say and not as I do” will, ultimately, fail as your child begins to make their own life decisions.

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“Prayer Should Be Partnered with Action”

It is real easy to just pray for things. I have done this myself too many times. I will pray, and pray, and pray, and not do much else.

I am not saying that prayer is not great. I believe that it is an actual gift from God.

However, if it is misused, then  it will do nothing for the person praying.

In years past, there has been uproar over social media and news publications concerning politicians stating that they will pray about a situation, but appearing to not do much else. People were upset that there may be no action taken after mass shootings and such.

Maybe some of you remember when a major news publication posted on the front of their pages: “God Isn’t Fixing This!” This was dealing with a major polarizing issues in the US.

The point was (I think) do not just pray, but work to come up with a solution to the problem.

That is what many of us should be doing with our lives. We should pray to our God, but move forward with plans and seek wise counsel. God not answer our prayers through those around us too. It does happen.

There are other times that we may need to adjust our prayers a bit.

Maybe, instead of praying to God to answer a question on your next move, pray that you will be given clarity as you move. Pray that you do not make a false move. Pray that the next moves that you make are wise or logical or carefully-planned.

Also, be willing to accept that some decisions that you make could be for a particular season in your life.

For example, you are not sure if you should go with a job at a particular company. It is possible that you could go with that job, for a season (a set amount of time), then reevaluate whether you should stay with it or not.

(I have tried to work at each job that I have ever had in a manner that would cause my supervisors to see me as a good worker. So, hopefully, they will see me as someone that they would hire back, if I ever came back to them.)

It is possible that you were meant to go for a season and come back to where you were before. But return to a better situation. Again, the goal is to move forward, not backwards.

Ultimately, one must learn that praying and sitting is pretty much wishful thinking. The goal is to make carefully planning and action associated with prayer. Then, you have something!

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A Friend’s Sage Advice on Finding Love

Recently, I saw a social media post by a friend of mine that really struck me as thoughtful. I am not sure what provoked it, but I knew that the words were necessary.

My friend – Dr. Allen Berry – is quite the thinker. He is a poet and a martial artist. Two vocations that essentially calls for its practitioners to be introspective about life.

On this particular day, Allen was being contemplative in regard to love.

Allen posted this quote:

Before you set out to win someone’s heart, make sure that getting them would actually be a win.

It was deep. It was thought-provoking. It was true.

It is a truth that is sorely missing in the minds, and hearts, of many young (and some old) lovers today. I thought of a number of my former high school students who I thought needed to hear this message.

So, many of them would end up with broken hearts because they missed this very point by my friend.

Allen’s striking words are a reminder that you do not want to waste your time pursuing someone if they are not worthy of being pursued. That is not to say that people cannot change. Sometimes, a person ends up becoming something different than what they were when the relationship began. This happens.

However, many times, people do not wholy look at the person that they are interested. Let’s be honest here: it can be quite hard to be completely objective about picking a mate. Nevertheless, just because it can be hard does not mean that we should bypass the hard work of analyzing ourselves and our potential mates.

One can save themselves a world of heartache and depression if they really take time to consider who has captured their heart. It is even good to seek wise counsel from family and friends that know you well and you know that they will not just tell you what you want to hear.

So, the next time you think you are falling in love, honestly ask yourself: Would winning this person’s heart actually be a win?

Please check out this video for more thoughts on this sage wisdom: https://youtu.be/E4c1RvaqTvw

Allen’s Website: https://www.poetallenberry.com/about

“You Determine What Success is in Your Life”

I have started a new YouTube channel that I is really inspired by my children. The purpose is to give them tidbits of wisdom that may benefit in their future. (Just in case anything happens to me.)

I believe that it is vitally importance that children learn things that may keep them from making the same mistakes that their parents made. Maybe, just maybe, I can keep my children (amd others) away from the same missteps that I made as a child and a much younger man.

3 Things that Orthodox Christians Can Do to Help Catechumens

Dear Orthodox Family:

Please remember that the catechumens need you for more than just prayers. Now, prayers are wonderful, and should never be dismissed. They are very much one of the vital aspects of the bedrock in a thriving Christian existence.

Nevertheless, an active involvement in fellowshipping with any catechumen is just as much a necessity as communicating with our Lord on their behalf.

Here are Three things that any and every Orthodox parishoner can do when it comes to the catechumen:

*Again, prayer is always an essential action for journeying with the Lord, especially within Orthodoxy. So, it needs no place on this list. Consider it a prerequisite as you relate to the catechumen (and as you have already taken your faithfulness to the Lord seriously).*

  1. Make it a point to reach out to them during the week. Do not let the only time they hear from you be before or after the liturgy (or other service inside of the parish). Your taking the initiative in reaching out to them will make them feel more at home. As many Orthodox Christians (who were not ‘cradle Orthodox’ might say: “Coming to the Orthodox Church is like coming home.” There is no better way in making someone feel at home than to be welcoming and relational.
  2. Provide them materials for their own personal growth. But do not just stop there with your giving. Give of your time and see where they are on their walk. Maybe you can provide them with something to read, then follow-up with them later in the week to see what they have read and what they thought about. Engage in conversation about the faith and see if they might have questions.
  3. Visit them at their home (if at all possible). If you have noticed, each of these items on this list involves connecting with the catechumen in some way physically. So, this particular item is actually a continuation of what you should have already been doing. It is a blessing to be visible in one’s life. Typically, it makes people feel as if they matter to you when you take time out of your schedule to be a part of their life. Also, visiting them at their home may give you insight into their trials and tribulations, their highs and lows, their successes and failures, their wants and needs.

Catechumens need your attention because catechumens are your brothers and sisters in the Lord. Therefore, treat them as such.

As our Lord showed love to His disciples and valued their journeys and growth, we should remain in following His example in all things, including this particular activity.

*Online Debate Speech Concerning Defunding the Police – From Thursday, June 18, 2020 *

(I participated in a civil dialogue on the recent popular slogan – “Defund the Police”. The words below are read aloud to those in attendance. / The bullet statements are other thoughts that I had but did not say.)

Hello, my name is Jerome Danner, and I have been a blogger, writer, and recently an educator. I am glad to participate tonight as I believe civil discourse is vitally importance for a free society to move forward in unity.

I am against the resolution: America’s local governments should defund police departments and support alternative programs for public safety. It is my humble opinion that this says that all police departments (and police officers) are corrupt and in need of reform. I think it can be said and shown that not every department across America has had to face the unfortunate and tragic stories like we are hearing with the story of George Floyd. So, they could avoid being defunded, but take the necessary measures to prevent something like this from happening in their area. What every department in all 50 states is in constant need of is training. Continued training in how to deal with those individuals struggling with mental health issues and engaging combative individuals without the use of a gun or even having it drawn.

Of course, one should not just get too hung up on the wording, but delve deeper into the meaning behind defunding police departments, and what that actually looks like. I like the words – “Reimagine Public Safety” – as it provides the idea that law enforcement can be served in another way. Minneapolis City Councilman – Felipe Cunningham – used this phrase – “Reimagine Public Safety” – in an interview with the TODAY Show this past Sunday to express his desires to reform his local police department. I think any thoughtful and caring person, regardless of their political worldview, could get behind this kind of a mindset when it comes to law enforcement. If there is a way to have police officers perform their duties in such a manner that most of the people in their community can truly see them as partners and not threats, then this way should be pursued wholeheartedly.

But a reformation of policing does not have to mean the removal (or subtracting) of funding for their departments. As a matter of fact, in some cases, it may even mean the increase of funding for those departments, but possibly with stipulations that include mandatory monthly training. Obviously, police officers will continue to have to be held to a higher standard. As we all know, to whom much is given much is expected or required. This definitely goes for those in power or have a certain amount of authority over others. If there is clear-cut abuse happening (or a police officer amassed a number of complaints), then steps should be taken to remove him/her or help them make the changes needed to be more successful at their job. A police department is of no good to the community it services if the community cannot fully trust that department. So, if a police officer breaks the law or tarnishes the image of his department because of his evil behavior, then he should not be protected by other law enforcement agencies. He should receive consequences as well because a department should not gamble with their reputation as the public sees it.

Even with all of this being said, police departments can start here to enact change in the relationship that they have with their community.  But this is not the only thing that they should not be doing. With a major view being that most (or all) cops are racist or corrupt, this is the time that every department intentionally finds ways to win their community’s trust back. There have been cries for the demilitarization of police forces as well. As hard as it may be (and as dangerous as it may be), a police department should really consider the appropriateness of shooting tear gas into crowds of protesters, if those protesters have not given any evidence of violence towards other citizens or law enforcement. Law and order being maintained is still vital to keeping a community from descending into anarchy during intense moments of outrage. Nevertheless, if anger and aggression is met with anger and aggression (even in the form of policing tactics), then there can be no healthy communication and protesters will only become all the more incensed.

Again, if reforming how policing can be done in America involves community-building, then I am for it. Some people are looking at what Camden, New Jersey, did with their police departments by dismantling them during 2013, then going on to re-build them and make stronger connections with people in their communities. Camden County, New Jersey apparently has seen a significant drop in crime in their area. Something so impressive should be shared if other departments have this need and can actually learn from their model.

In conclusion, people should be reminded that it takes funds to keep law enforcement well-trained. It would take funds to try alternative programs for public safety as well. Ultimately, the goal must be for law enforcement and the communities being served to come together to mutually and intentionally plan for a peaceful existence. If the desire is to have peace in a community’s streets, if all citizens have some common ground, then it is more than possible for a department to keep its funding and keep citizens happy.

*Jocko Willink, a well-known retired Navy SEAL, made a good point (around the 3:00 mark) in a conversation with popular comedian and podcast host – Joe Rogan – recently when he said that training was very important for law enforcement. He stated that, as a SEAL team member, they would have to train for about 18 months before they went on a 6 month deployment. Unfortunately, many police officers would only get hours of training before they are placed out on the streets to serve and protect.*

*Why do one and not the other? Why not do both? Therefore, let us look at funding both police departments and alternative public safety programs. A key ingredient could be getting the community more involved.

*Another thing is that communities must be willing to meet with law enforcement about how to change things. We all have to remove that this issue is very nuanced because morality is seen differently with people from difficult cultures. So, it is not just a racial thing. If law enforcement are not from the same community as the citizens they are serving and protecting, then that could bring other issues as well. / Many of us have seen viral videos showing police officers dancing or engaging in sports with citizens. This is because building relationships can change everything.

Ellen DeGeneres Defended Herself (But She Really Should Not Have Had To Do So)

‘Why should Ellen have to defend her friendship with George W. Bush?’

Imagine being so sensitive that seeing someone you love getting along with someone you hate triggers your emotions. It sounds like a scene out of some John Hughes flick from the 80s. Actually, this scenario could be pulled out of many movies about the high school experience. A place where hormones rage and irrational teenage minds (genuinely believing that they are in love) react irrationally to their ‘lovers’ or the person of their fantasy. They believe that this person is incapable of hurting them or doing wrong.

You would expect to find this kind of over-sensitivity there. However, it is a shame to see this kind of scenario play out on social media with supposed adults.

So, replace the irrational teenager with an irrational adult and their “lover” with a beloved television star, then you will have what we have just seen when Ellen DeGeneres decided to show herself seated beside former president George W. Bush at a football game.

Everyone loves Ellen! It is apparent though that it is not an unconditional love. It is a love that appears to be expressed as Ms. DeGeneres sticks to only being in the company of fellow supporters of all things that are progressive and LGBTQ-centered.

She is not ever to be seen interacting with conservatives and enjoying time with them. Then, she may be loved, but with a caveat.

So, she had to explain why she was hanging out with Bush.

The talk show host and comedienne was being respectable on her part. Nevertheless, it just shows where we are as a society when you have to defend mingling with others that are not of your political and social ilk.

It is not as if she had been fraternizing with a dictator. Think of Dennis Rodman hob-knobbing with Kim Jong-un. It is clearly reasonable (or necessary) to explain one’s motive for keeping company with an enemy of your country.

It is illogical that one should need to provide an explanation in such a case like the one with DeGeneres and Bush.

Ellen DeGeneres appears to have never enrolled in the Hollywood School of Politics and Chivalry, where the major ethic could be interpreted as never commune with the enemy. Some stars are so against their perceived enemy that they would dismiss a fan if they verbalized an opposing view. God forbid a fan actually voted for a Republican! Then, it is possible that you would be written off as a fan because you had committed a cardinal sin.

Let us also consider another scenario that many believe and actor, Mark Ruffalo, is now receiving attention for proclaiming: Bush is some kind of war criminal. Momentarily, let us see through the lens of Ruffalo and accept such a belief. The question should be asked: should we call out the sins of all former presidents and not show them any respect as well? Regardless of party?

So, should Ruffalo and others criticize Obama as well for things done during his presidency? Sure, Ruffalo called out Obama on his climate change views.

But what about Obama and his administration possibly throwing a wrench in the plans of certain law enforcement agencies hoping to go after Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah for their trafficking of drugs and weapons? Per a Politico investigation, this was done while the Obama’s administration desired to secure a nuclear deal with Iran.

What about criticizing Obama’s Iran Deal for including the release of individuals who were considered threats against the United States’ national security? Then, take a look at the problems that surrounded Obamacare and his pulling of all troops out of Iraq and the subsequent rise of terrorism, specifically the terrorist group – ISIL, in the area.

Any informed American citizen can find problems with a president that they were not typically a fan of.

At the heart of all this hoopla surrounding who DeGeneres was beside, the unhealthy manner in which political discourse is had in modern society. If we continue on the trajectory, then civil discourse will truly be an idea from the past. Additionally, there may come a time where a particular kind of view and opinion is squashed altogether and the DeGenereses of the future may receive a harsh punishment from their political ideological family.

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Thinking It Through with Jerome Danner (in Association with Western Free Press) – Episode 00

Next on Thinking It Through: I (Jerome Danner ) introduce the podcast…again….as it is now in association with Western Free Press!

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Thinking It Through – Ep. 70 – Steve Christoforou (@scchristoforou) (of @Y2AM_official) – #Orthodox #Christianity in Modern Times

Steven Christoforou

Next on Thinking It Through: It has been almost 2 years since I first conversed with Steve Christoforou, the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries (Y2AM) of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Today, we spoke about the Y2AM, Orthodox Christianity in modern times, studying the Church Fathers, and young Orthodox Christians creating community.

Episode 29 – Steven Christoforou Interview (from April 1, 2017) – Talking #Orthodox #Christianity

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About Steve Christoforou

00:00 – 1:54 = Introduction

01:55 – 05:37 = The latest with Y2AM

05:38 – 09:19 = How Orthodoxy can be appealing

09:20 – 12:49 = The importance of studying the Church fathers

12:50 – 15:15 = Young Orthodox Christians creating community

15:16 – End = Ending

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Thinking It Through – Ep. 69 – Drew Johnson (@Drews_Views) – Talking Trump’s Tariffs

Drew Johnson

Next on Thinking It Through: I converse with Drew Johnson, a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, about his Fox Business piece about Trump’s tariffs and their impact on the United States’ energy dominance.

Drew Johnson’s Twitter

Trump’s Tariffs Threaten US Energy Dominance – by Drew Johnson – Published on December 10, 2018

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