My Wise Council (and Why Everyone Should Get One)

Wisdom is necessary for life’s journey: if for no other reason than to give one rational assistance in avoiding taking unnecessary missteps.  For the thinking man, wisdom is applied knowledge after years of being tested in the field and found to be true because of the evidence that it works.  For the spiritual man, wisdomContinue reading “My Wise Council (and Why Everyone Should Get One)”

Needing More Wisdom for Myself & My Son and a Thought on Marriage

The older I get, more and more I see the importance of gaining knowledge, putting it into practice (in some way, if possible), and hoping that it blossoms into wisdom that I can share.  I really hope that I hold on to many things to share with my son.  To gain more knowledge is aContinue reading “Needing More Wisdom for Myself & My Son and a Thought on Marriage”

Ep. 53 – Conversation with Kevin Dodson – #College #Recruiter Gives Advice on #Student #Success in College

Next on Thinking It Through:  I speak with a college recruiter by the name of Kevin Dodson.  We are coworkers and we have a discussion on recruiting for a college and how students can be successful. 00:00 – 03:48 = Introduction / Dodson’s background 03:49 – 05:56 = The Life of a College Recruiter 05:57Continue reading “Ep. 53 – Conversation with Kevin Dodson – #College #Recruiter Gives Advice on #Student #Success in College”

Be Better Than Me, My Son

As I approach my son’s first birthday, a thought has come to mind that is indicative of the state that I and his mother are in.  We have been experiencing some frustrating times financially and I have not been able to find any work that will pay more than what I am currently bringing home.Continue reading “Be Better Than Me, My Son”

Episode 31 – Andrew DiNicola & James Knowles on #Life, #Education, and #Music

Next on Thinking It Through:  My next guests are Andrew DiNicola, professor of English at South Georgia State College, and James Knowles, Music Appreciation lecturer at the same institution.  Mr. Knowles will be retiring and Mr. DiNicola thought it would be a good idea to get some of his stories down and recorded before he wasContinue reading “Episode 31 – Andrew DiNicola & James Knowles on #Life, #Education, and #Music”

Episode 04 – The Birth of Elijah Danner

On this episode of Thinking It Through with Jerome Danner, I talk about the birth of my son.  It was quite a night on September 21st, and this has been quite a week.  However, when I look at my son, I am all the more grateful that God blessed me and my wife with aContinue reading “Episode 04 – The Birth of Elijah Danner”

Get Beauty Below the Surface

via Daily Prompt: Surface I am amazed at how many times that I have met someone who has an outward beauty that may knock a person sideways, but their heart appears to be filled with an ugliness so chilling.  It is as if no one ever told them that what is on the inside isContinue reading “Get Beauty Below the Surface”