Time for Consensus on Coarseness – The National Center

This National Center for Public Policy Research post is based off of my opinion piece dealing with Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee – https://www.newsmax.com/jeromedanner/roseanne-barr-samantha-bee-trump/2018/06/04/id/864109/

New Jersey Teacher Blunder Causes Premature Protest

(Photo via Mike Curley, Jr. (Twitter)) Schools should be places where the attainment of knowledge and the love for it is nurtured unto no end.  Students should be seen as sponges that can soak up all that they hear and see within a classroom.  Now, one must not be naive about the difficulty of any teacher’sContinue reading “New Jersey Teacher Blunder Causes Premature Protest”

Episode 48 – @AmandaPresto of @realDailyWire – #WhiteHouse #Leaks, #RAISEAct (Immigration Reform), & #StephenMiller vs. #JimAcosta

Next on Thinking It Through:  Amanda Prestigiacomo, writer at The Daily Wire, gives me her thoughts on a Teen Vogue article about Caucasian people using GIFs with African-American people in them, an 8-year-old transgender child and her family suing a private school, Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracking down on leaks, the RAISE Act, and Stephen MillerContinue reading “Episode 48 – @AmandaPresto of @realDailyWire – #WhiteHouse #Leaks, #RAISEAct (Immigration Reform), & #StephenMiller vs. #JimAcosta”