Descriptions of You Written With Love (A Series to My Wife)

Kind, Is She   Kind, is she She who rises against the turbulence of life Still finds time to love And gives love in a time when it is most needed   Easy is her warming spirit The warmth that radiates from her is magnificent And that magnificence I am in constant awe of InContinue reading “Descriptions of You Written With Love (A Series to My Wife)”

Second Thoughts (Of You)

Love, my dearest love! I am writing this letter to you today to reiterate my love for you.  We have gone through our share of ups and downs in the last eight years, but I never will again have the courage to face trials and tribulations without you by my side.  The strength and godlinessContinue reading “Second Thoughts (Of You)”

The Perfect Father, I Cannot Be

I wish I could be perfect in this fatherhood Perfect in strength, perfect in wisdom, all for you However, I am stunned by my own imperfections And I am lost with no guidance in how to mature you I can fill your ear with well-meaning promises My intentions would be based in love and hope But IContinue reading “The Perfect Father, I Cannot Be”

Love Breaks Through (Julia, It Is From You)

Once upon a time, I dared to hang on to hate Pride, hurt, and arrogance kept my path going this way Not desiring to open my heart, I slipped deeper into the black Foolish and ignorant, I could not be shown what it was that I lacked   Oddly enough, even when one desires theContinue reading “Love Breaks Through (Julia, It Is From You)”

Poem to Tupac (2Pac)

via Daily Prompt: Radical Your calling as an artist and poet Your words left quite an indelible mark Images of you struck me in a wonderful way Quickening in me a radical change   The changes in me captivated by your influence An influence that I could never easily explain Words from a man rearedContinue reading “Poem to Tupac (2Pac)”