Relieved on My 1st Father’s Day (#FathersDay2017)

I had not necessarily looked forward to Father’s Day 2017 because holidays (outside of Christmas and Thanksgiving and maybe Veterans Day) are just not that big of a deal for me any more.  However, the holiday was just a reminder (that comes yearly, but I try not to wait for) that I should be gratefulContinue reading “Relieved on My 1st Father’s Day (#FathersDay2017)”

Episode 42 – #Confederate #Flag, Indoctrination, and Carson’s Statement on Mueller

Next on Thinking It Through: I (running solo this time) speak on different topics briefly regarding a question that I received about the Confederate Flag, a blog post by an atheist dealing with indoctrination, and Dr. Ben Carson’s point of view on Trump being investigated. 00:00 – 02:40 = Introduction 02:41 – 13:00 = On the ConfederateContinue reading “Episode 42 – #Confederate #Flag, Indoctrination, and Carson’s Statement on Mueller”

My Baby Boy (5 Months Later)

I have heard people say that having your own child changes you.  However, oddly enough, I do not feel much different than before my son was born or even before I knew he would be born.  Now, if they mean having a baby changes you physically, then, yes, I can see that.  Truth be told:Continue reading “My Baby Boy (5 Months Later)”

The Perfect Father, I Cannot Be

I wish I could be perfect in this fatherhood Perfect in strength, perfect in wisdom, all for you However, I am stunned by my own imperfections And I am lost with no guidance in how to mature you I can fill your ear with well-meaning promises My intentions would be based in love and hope But IContinue reading “The Perfect Father, I Cannot Be”

Episode 04 – The Birth of Elijah Danner

On this episode of Thinking It Through with Jerome Danner, I talk about the birth of my son.  It was quite a night on September 21st, and this has been quite a week.  However, when I look at my son, I am all the more grateful that God blessed me and my wife with aContinue reading “Episode 04 – The Birth of Elijah Danner”

Our Son’s Arrival is Upon Us

via Daily Prompt: Fragile Over the last nine months, a boy child has been steadily growing in my wife’s womb.  Well, our son’s arrival is upon us.  My beloved went to the doctor the other day and he told her that he felt next week would be the time for our son to make hisContinue reading “Our Son’s Arrival is Upon Us”

Episode 02 – Gary Johnson, Aleppo, Book Review, Chicago homicides, and Honoring Parents

Next on Thinking It Through with Jerome Danner, I try to think through the issue with Gov. Gary Johnson not knowing the name Aleppo (in Syria), the horrible homicide rate in Chicago, and understanding what it is to honor our parents.  Also, I give something of a book review of The Faith of Christopher Hitchens,Continue reading “Episode 02 – Gary Johnson, Aleppo, Book Review, Chicago homicides, and Honoring Parents”

I am No Expert (at Marriage) I am no expert at love and marriage, but I am learning that it continually takes work.  As a matter of fact, it never seems to stop taking work.  Now, something taking “work” does not always connote a bad thing.  However, an effort must be put forth daily when it comes to making aContinue reading “I am No Expert (at Marriage)”