“You Determine What Success is in Your Life”

I have started a new YouTube channel that I is really inspired by my children. The purpose is to give them tidbits of wisdom that may benefit in their future. (Just in case anything happens to me.) I believe that it is vitally importance that children learn things that may keep them from making theContinue reading ““You Determine What Success is in Your Life””

Ep. 55 – David Goodwin on a #Classical #Christian #Education – (@A_C_C_S) Association of Classical Christian Schools

Next on Thinking It Through: I interview David Goodwin, President of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, about a classical Christian education. 00:00 – 03:16 = Introduction of David Goodwin and the Assoc. of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) 03:17 – 05:36 = What is a classical Christian school? 05:37 – 10:13 = The mission of theContinue reading “Ep. 55 – David Goodwin on a #Classical #Christian #Education – (@A_C_C_S) Association of Classical Christian Schools”

Relieved on My 1st Father’s Day (#FathersDay2017)

I had not necessarily looked forward to Father’s Day 2017 because holidays (outside of Christmas and Thanksgiving and maybe Veterans Day) are just not that big of a deal for me any more.  However, the holiday was just a reminder (that comes yearly, but I try not to wait for) that I should be gratefulContinue reading “Relieved on My 1st Father’s Day (#FathersDay2017)”

**Father’s Day Special**

**For Father’s Day in 2017, I wanted to get advice from different fathers for my own growth and maybe bless other new or young fathers.**                   Subscribe (and leave a review at either place):  Stitcher | iTunes | Please feel free to send me your questions, thoughts, and/or comments at: jdanner1@yahoo.com!

#Parenting: #Instincts Out of Thin Air?

Prior to becoming a parent, even before I was married, I took notice of my own parents reading books and articles on parenting.  They would discuss new things that they may have read and/or learned with each other to possibly implement into their parenting philosophy and strategy.  However, I would run into others who comicallyContinue reading “#Parenting: #Instincts Out of Thin Air?”

My Baby Boy (5 Months Later)

I have heard people say that having your own child changes you.  However, oddly enough, I do not feel much different than before my son was born or even before I knew he would be born.  Now, if they mean having a baby changes you physically, then, yes, I can see that.  Truth be told:Continue reading “My Baby Boy (5 Months Later)”

Inwardly Thinking

I just had my son on Wednesday, September 21st.  His arrival has changed everything.  My hopes and dreams, my career and plans, have changed.  And actually for the better. I still reserve a little pessimism about our having this great life together as a family because that’s just the way I am.  I know lifeContinue reading “Inwardly Thinking”