To The #Christian #Movie-Goer and The Christian #Actor

Let me start this off by saying that I love movies and I love podcasts.  Love podcasts more though because I find out a lot more information this way and movies typically are for entertainment.  So, I try to listen to a lot of podcasts just to help my own thinking.  I listen to aContinue reading “To The #Christian #Movie-Goer and The Christian #Actor”

Episode 24 – #Movies & #Faith w/ Gene Gosewehr @WizrdofGOZ of @AClearLens & @ReelWorldTheo

Next on Thinking It Through:  I get the chance to interview Gene Gosewehr about watching movies through a Christian lens.  Mr. Gosewehr is a podcaster and contributor for both A Clear Lens and Reel World Theology. How “Arrival” Affirms a Christian Worldview Gene Gosewehr on Twitter 00:54 – Intro of Guest 09:50 – About “ReelContinue reading “Episode 24 – #Movies & #Faith w/ Gene Gosewehr @WizrdofGOZ of @AClearLens & @ReelWorldTheo”