Abortion Is Not Wrong Because the Religious Say So

In the past couple of days, news has come out that David Daleiden, who is the head of the Center for Medical Progress, and Susan Merritt, have both been indicted by a grand jury in Harris County, Texas, with charges that are related to the controversial videos released showing officials with Planned Parenthood attempting to gain fromContinue reading “Abortion Is Not Wrong Because the Religious Say So”

Politics As Usual (My Eyes Opened)

You have to love politics and the media’s coverage of it.  Well, I take that back.  You don’t have to love either of them.  I don’t.  I’m sorry, I cannot help it.  The older I get, the stronger my cynicism about politics gets. I wasn’t always like this.  Once upon a time, I really lookedContinue reading “Politics As Usual (My Eyes Opened)”