Needing More Wisdom for Myself & My Son and a Thought on Marriage

The older I get, more and more I see the importance of gaining knowledge, putting it into practice (in some way, if possible), and hoping that it blossoms into wisdom that I can share.  I really hope that I hold on to many things to share with my son.  To gain more knowledge is aContinue reading “Needing More Wisdom for Myself & My Son and a Thought on Marriage”

My Wife is the Boss (If She Ain’t Happy, Then I Guess I Can’t Be Either)

I remember growing up and learning (as a Christian) that the man is supposed to be the “head” of the household.  I won’t go into interpretation and try to debate some point Biblical point here, but I am grateful that my own father showed me (what I think to be) a healthy view of thisContinue reading “My Wife is the Boss (If She Ain’t Happy, Then I Guess I Can’t Be Either)”

Episode 21 – Conversation with Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox @WilcoxNMP

Next on Thinking It Through: I interview Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox about an article that he co-wrote, which deals with the Church helping African American males to flourish n America.  The article appeared in The Atlantic magazine and was titled: “How the Church Helps Black Men Flourish in America”. Dr. Wilcox on Twitter National MarriageContinue reading “Episode 21 – Conversation with Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox @WilcoxNMP”

Second Thoughts (Of You)

Love, my dearest love! I am writing this letter to you today to reiterate my love for you.  We have gone through our share of ups and downs in the last eight years, but I never will again have the courage to face trials and tribulations without you by my side.  The strength and godlinessContinue reading “Second Thoughts (Of You)”

Sincerity is Key in Relationships

Life has been made all the more fulfilling by the loving relationships that I have.  When I write, I mostly discuss issues in relationship to my family, which is my wife and my son.  I cannot begin to express how tough it was for me to live as a bachelor.  Even over the 2 yearsContinue reading “Sincerity is Key in Relationships”

Waiting on My Future

There is a song by Dinah Washington that I like called: “What a Difference a Day Makes“.  The song itself has more to do with love than my post, but I use the title because of the words in the actual title.  What I mean is the title itself gives off a bit of truth:Continue reading “Waiting on My Future”

Love Breaks Through (Julia, It Is From You)

Once upon a time, I dared to hang on to hate Pride, hurt, and arrogance kept my path going this way Not desiring to open my heart, I slipped deeper into the black Foolish and ignorant, I could not be shown what it was that I lacked   Oddly enough, even when one desires theContinue reading “Love Breaks Through (Julia, It Is From You)”

I am No Expert (at Marriage) I am no expert at love and marriage, but I am learning that it continually takes work.  As a matter of fact, it never seems to stop taking work.  Now, something taking “work” does not always connote a bad thing.  However, an effort must be put forth daily when it comes to making aContinue reading “I am No Expert (at Marriage)”

Daily Prompt: Carry

via Daily Prompt: Carry Your love I carry with me everywhere that I go.  I carry it as a reminder of your warming glow.  It causes me to stand up straighter, taking pride in who I am only because I am connected to you for my life’s journey. Your beauty I carry in my heartContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Carry”

My Wife, My Muse I just looked up the definition for muse and it said that a muse is a “a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”  The thought struck me that although I am not a true artist, my wife is my muse.  She inspires meContinue reading “My Wife, My Muse”