Ep. 56 – Megan McClain (@TheMeganMcClain) Interview – “The #Art of #Impression” / @MomFailPodcast / @ImpressObsess / @nkdsalesguy /

Next on Thinking It Through: I decided to switch it up this week and take a break from politics and other controversial news.  I conversed with Megan McClain, formerly Megan Waddell, and she educates me on the art of the impression. 00:00 – 06:37 = Introduction / Update on Megan McClain (On Podcasts and Business)Continue reading “Ep. 56 – Megan McClain (@TheMeganMcClain) Interview – “The #Art of #Impression” / @MomFailPodcast / @ImpressObsess / @nkdsalesguy /”

Poem to Tupac (2Pac)

via Daily Prompt: Radical Your calling as an artist and poet Your words left quite an indelible mark Images of you struck me in a wonderful way Quickening in me a radical change   The changes in me captivated by your influence An influence that I could never easily explain Words from a man rearedContinue reading “Poem to Tupac (2Pac)”