“You Determine What Success is in Your Life”

I have started a new YouTube channel that I is really inspired by my children. The purpose is to give them tidbits of wisdom that may benefit in their future. (Just in case anything happens to me.) I believe that it is vitally importance that children learn things that may keep them from making theContinue reading ““You Determine What Success is in Your Life””

Voted for #Obama in 2008 and Against Him in 2012

(Photo via Creative Commons) When Senator Barack Obama came along and announced his presidential campaign in 2007, I was still a young lad in college trying to find himself. Though I was not sure that I wanted to be a vocal practitioner of the conservatism that my father exemplified (for reasons that I will giveContinue reading “Voted for #Obama in 2008 and Against Him in 2012”

Be Better Than Me, My Son

As I approach my son’s first birthday, a thought has come to mind that is indicative of the state that I and his mother are in.  We have been experiencing some frustrating times financially and I have not been able to find any work that will pay more than what I am currently bringing home.Continue reading “Be Better Than Me, My Son”