My Wise Council (and Why Everyone Should Get One)

Wisdom is necessary for life’s journey: if for no other reason than to give one rational assistance in avoiding taking unnecessary missteps.  For the thinking man, wisdom is applied knowledge after years of being tested in the field and found to be true because of the evidence that it works.  For the spiritual man, wisdomContinue reading “My Wise Council (and Why Everyone Should Get One)”

My Wife, My Muse I just looked up the definition for muse and it said that a muse is a “a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.”  The thought struck me that although I am not a true artist, my wife is my muse.  She inspires meContinue reading “My Wife, My Muse”

What an Apology Does! Have you ever thought about what an apology does?  What it does and what it says?  Think about it.  For the person saying the apology with a genuine heart, it says that this comes from a person who is willing to admit their wrong.  For the person that receives the apology, it says thatContinue reading “What an Apology Does!”

How Unstoppable Love Is…. How unstoppable love is as a force.  Unstoppable as a force for good, unstoppable as a force for change, love, rightly used, seems to stir and motivate the heart in ways that the mind would deem inconceivable. Eight years ago, my mind deemed it odd and impossible for a woman to change it [mind]Continue reading “How Unstoppable Love Is….”