Be Better Than Me, My Son

As I approach my son’s first birthday, a thought has come to mind that is indicative of the state that I and his mother are in.  We have been experiencing some frustrating times financially and I have not been able to find any work that will pay more than what I am currently bringing home.Continue reading “Be Better Than Me, My Son”

My Wife is the Boss (If She Ain’t Happy, Then I Guess I Can’t Be Either)

I remember growing up and learning (as a Christian) that the man is supposed to be the “head” of the household.  I won’t go into interpretation and try to debate some point Biblical point here, but I am grateful that my own father showed me (what I think to be) a healthy view of thisContinue reading “My Wife is the Boss (If She Ain’t Happy, Then I Guess I Can’t Be Either)”

Waiting on My Future

There is a song by Dinah Washington that I like called: “What a Difference a Day Makes“.  The song itself has more to do with love than my post, but I use the title because of the words in the actual title.  What I mean is the title itself gives off a bit of truth:Continue reading “Waiting on My Future”