BOOK REVIEW – “Aborting Aristotle: Examining Fatal Fallacies in the Abortion Debate”

[This is a book review on ABORTING ARISTOTLE written by Dave Sterrett (of Disruptive Truth).] This book is very helpful in understanding the prolife position of the abortion debate.  What makes it worth reading is that it doesn’t just pile on some religious rhetoric for why babies should be valued, but Sterrett does an excellentContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW – “Aborting Aristotle: Examining Fatal Fallacies in the Abortion Debate””

Episode 17 – #ProChoice Blog-Critiquing w/ @ElijahT_87 of @Fetal_Position

Next on Thinking It Through:  my guest, Elijiah Thompson, who hosts The Fetal Position podcast, and I go through a blog post – (*The link to the post has been removed since the author – named “nonsmokingladybug” – commented [see her comment below] that I did not get her authorization approval.  But if you clickContinue reading “Episode 17 – #ProChoice Blog-Critiquing w/ @ElijahT_87 of @Fetal_Position”