Episode 48 – @AmandaPresto of @realDailyWire – #WhiteHouse #Leaks, #RAISEAct (Immigration Reform), & #StephenMiller vs. #JimAcosta

Next on Thinking It Through:  Amanda Prestigiacomo, writer at The Daily Wire, gives me her thoughts on a Teen Vogue article about Caucasian people using GIFs with African-American people in them, an 8-year-old transgender child and her family suing a private school, Attorney General Jeff Sessions cracking down on leaks, the RAISE Act, and Stephen MillerContinue reading “Episode 48 – @AmandaPresto of @realDailyWire – #WhiteHouse #Leaks, #RAISEAct (Immigration Reform), & #StephenMiller vs. #JimAcosta”

Christian and Gay? What’s Your Motivation?

[This Presupposes that You’re a Christian.]      Where did you first get the idea that being “gay” was okay?  Where did you first find the idea that a person might be “born gay?”  Where did you initially read or study God’s Word and think to yourself (as you struggled with thoughts of same-sex attraction): “ThisContinue reading “Christian and Gay? What’s Your Motivation?”

Why I Cannot Hate My LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters

This piece has been a long time coming.  The issues that the Christian community has faced and will continue to face surrounding the growing influence of the LGBTQ community and their activism cannot be circumvented.  The days are gone when one could say publicly their heartfelt views on same-sex couples with no major backlash; thatContinue reading “Why I Cannot Hate My LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters”

Episode 30 – Bethany Mandel @bethanyshondark Interview – The Benedict Option and Orthodox Jewish Communities

Next on Thinking It Through:  My next guest is Bethany Mandel, a stay-at-home mother of 3 children, a freelance writer on politics and culture, a Senior Contributor at The Federalist, amongst other publications, such as the Forward and First Things.  I invited her to come on because I enjoyed a piece that she wrote on March 31st for First Things dealingContinue reading “Episode 30 – Bethany Mandel @bethanyshondark Interview – The Benedict Option and Orthodox Jewish Communities”

Episode 21 – Conversation with Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox @WilcoxNMP

Next on Thinking It Through: I interview Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox about an article that he co-wrote, which deals with the Church helping African American males to flourish n America.  The article appeared in The Atlantic magazine and was titled: “How the Church Helps Black Men Flourish in America”. Dr. Wilcox on Twitter National MarriageContinue reading “Episode 21 – Conversation with Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox @WilcoxNMP”