Voted for #Obama in 2008 and Against Him in 2012

(Photo via Creative Commons) When Senator Barack Obama came along and announced his presidential campaign in 2007, I was still a young lad in college trying to find himself. Though I was not sure that I wanted to be a vocal practitioner of the conservatism that my father exemplified (for reasons that I will giveContinue reading “Voted for #Obama in 2008 and Against Him in 2012”

Thinking It Through with Jerome Danner – Episode 62 – The Carl Bogus Interview

Next on Thinking It Through: I get the opportunity to interview Carl T. Bogus about a piece that he wrote on Edmund Burke over 4 years ago.  (The link to the piece that is on The American Conservative’s website is below.)   ____________________________________________________________________________________________ “Burke Not Buckley” | The American Conservative –… Carl T. Bogus’ WebsiteContinue reading “Thinking It Through with Jerome Danner – Episode 62 – The Carl Bogus Interview”

My Conservatism (and the Need to Learn More About It)

  I write today because, as many times before, I desire to ask a question to help with my growth as a thinker and writer.  But I will not get to the question until the end of this post.  The more that I have come to accept being a conservative individual, the more I desireContinue reading “My Conservatism (and the Need to Learn More About It)”

Episode 45 – @DerryckGreen Interview – #Black #Conservatives, Modern-day #Racism, Trump, & Healthcare

Next on Thinking It Through:  I converse with Dr. Derryck Green about NBA star LeBron James’ response (a little while back) to a racial epithet being spray-painted on the security gate in front of his Los Angeles home, modern-day racism vs. historical racism, Black conservatives and Black liberals, and Trump’s tweets and his presidency. 00:00Continue reading “Episode 45 – @DerryckGreen Interview – #Black #Conservatives, Modern-day #Racism, Trump, & Healthcare”

On conservatives and race: do black lives really matter to the right?

Originally posted on TheoThoughts:
In my last post, I addressed an issue of priorities that drives politically conservative Christians to not only be drawn to the GOP but also feel compelled to endorse it’s candidate to uphold priorities. Specifically, I noted issues of life and traditional values and expressed the following. These concerns are quite…