Poem to Tupac (2Pac)

via Daily Prompt: Radical Your calling as an artist and poet Your words left quite an indelible mark Images of you struck me in a wonderful way Quickening in me a radical change   The changes in me captivated by your influence An influence that I could never easily explain Words from a man rearedContinue reading “Poem to Tupac (2Pac)”

How Unstoppable Love Is….

https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/unstoppable/ How unstoppable love is as a force.  Unstoppable as a force for good, unstoppable as a force for change, love, rightly used, seems to stir and motivate the heart in ways that the mind would deem inconceivable. Eight years ago, my mind deemed it odd and impossible for a woman to change it [mind]Continue reading “How Unstoppable Love Is….”