Episode 45 – @DerryckGreen Interview – #Black #Conservatives, Modern-day #Racism, Trump, & Healthcare

Next on Thinking It Through:  I converse with Dr. Derryck Green about NBA star LeBron James’ response (a little while back) to a racial epithet being spray-painted on the security gate in front of his Los Angeles home, modern-day racism vs. historical racism, Black conservatives and Black liberals, and Trump’s tweets and his presidency. 00:00Continue reading “Episode 45 – @DerryckGreen Interview – #Black #Conservatives, Modern-day #Racism, Trump, & Healthcare”

Episode 42 – #Confederate #Flag, Indoctrination, and Carson’s Statement on Mueller

Next on Thinking It Through: I (running solo this time) speak on different topics briefly regarding a question that I received about the Confederate Flag, a blog post by an atheist dealing with indoctrination, and Dr. Ben Carson’s point of view on Trump being investigated. 00:00 – 02:40 = Introduction 02:41 – 13:00 = On the ConfederateContinue reading “Episode 42 – #Confederate #Flag, Indoctrination, and Carson’s Statement on Mueller”