Reminders on #MemorialDay / Reminder From @KSPrior

Today, Monday, May 28, 2018, is observed as Memorial Day for Americans. While today is that for me , it is also the day that my daughter becomes just 7 days old. While I remember to observe Memorial Day for those precious lives lost serving in the United States Armed Forces protecting my freedoms, IContinue reading “Reminders on #MemorialDay / Reminder From @KSPrior”

My Wise Council (and Why Everyone Should Get One)

Wisdom is necessary for life’s journey: if for no other reason than to give one rational assistance in avoiding taking unnecessary missteps.  For the thinking man, wisdom is applied knowledge after years of being tested in the field and found to be true because of the evidence that it works.  For the spiritual man, wisdomContinue reading “My Wise Council (and Why Everyone Should Get One)”

My Pieces in Online Publications Up Until Now

Sometimes, I try to share with people my pieces to help them conjure up the image of me as a good writer.  No, not really.  I honestly want more people to see my work and give me their thoughts.  I desire to grow as a writer and I know that I need constructive criticism. So,Continue reading “My Pieces in Online Publications Up Until Now”

Needing More Wisdom for Myself & My Son and a Thought on Marriage

The older I get, more and more I see the importance of gaining knowledge, putting it into practice (in some way, if possible), and hoping that it blossoms into wisdom that I can share.  I really hope that I hold on to many things to share with my son.  To gain more knowledge is aContinue reading “Needing More Wisdom for Myself & My Son and a Thought on Marriage”

Watching for the Signs to End a Discussion

This post was spurred on by a short post on a site called Ricochet, a community for conservative people and discussion.  In the post, a gentleman questioned why the comment section was removed from another post. One moderator wrote: “We closed the comments, by the mutual agreement of all moderators, as we observed that theContinue reading “Watching for the Signs to End a Discussion”

Type 2 Diabetes Can Be a Wake-up Call

I remember a few months back, I got a call from my doctor’s office about my test results from my blood work.  I heard those words on the other end of the phone that no one truly ever wants to hear: “Mr. Danner, your lab results came back abnormal.  We need you to come in.”Continue reading “Type 2 Diabetes Can Be a Wake-up Call”

Everyone Does Not See Racism Everyday……

Racism.  Goodness, I am so tired of seeing this word or accusations of it.  I am tired of people inflating issues to make it seem like the issues surrounding race or skin color today is akin to the racism of old.  I believe that it is not. I honestly do try to be patient andContinue reading “Everyone Does Not See Racism Everyday……”


I just completed a book entitled, “BOOKED: Literature in the Soul of Me,” written by Karen Swallow Prior.  When I write that I just got done with reading it, I do mean that literally because I finished it about two minutes before 2015 went from future to present.  I had been intending to wrap thisContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW – “BOOKED: LITERATURE IN THE SOUL OF ME” by Karen Swallow Prior”