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Devotional for Christian Greeters #1 (From Sunday, March 19, 2017) – by Jerome Danner

              These verses are from the Book of Wisdom, which reminds us of the importance of a happy heart or a cheerful heart. All Christians should live out the truths found in these two verses because they are Biblical.  But, just as important, those Christians that are called into… Continue reading Devotional for Christian Greeters #1 (From Sunday, March 19, 2017) – by Jerome Danner

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#Parenting: #Instincts Out of Thin Air?

Prior to becoming a parent, even before I was married, I took notice of my own parents reading books and articles on parenting.  They would discuss new things that they may have read and/or learned with each other to possibly implement into their parenting philosophy and strategy.  However, I would run into others who comically… Continue reading #Parenting: #Instincts Out of Thin Air?

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My Baby Boy (5 Months Later)

I have heard people say that having your own child changes you.  However, oddly enough, I do not feel much different than before my son was born or even before I knew he would be born.  Now, if they mean having a baby changes you physically, then, yes, I can see that.  Truth be told:… Continue reading My Baby Boy (5 Months Later)

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#Abortion Discussion with @tacollin & @ArtisticLayman for the #Sanctification Hour

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, January 31, 2017), I had the wonderful pleasure of having a discussion with a couple of other brothers on the abortion issue.  Obviously, abortion is major issue in our country and was brought back to the forefront of people’s minds with two major marches that took place recently in Washington, D.C.: the… Continue reading #Abortion Discussion with @tacollin & @ArtisticLayman for the #Sanctification Hour

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My #Religion: Simple and Complex

The older that I get, the more I desire to grow in my faith and in my relationship with my Lord.  As a child and even as a younger man, I thought or felt, what some who are irreligious may feel, which is that religion can be silly and simple in too many ways.  I… Continue reading My #Religion: Simple and Complex

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A Need for Life’s Journey (for my Son)

It has been quite a few days for my son in the past five days or so.  Thanksgiving is the holiday that many of us just finished celebrating by spending time with family.  My wife and I went with her aunt to a little town in Georgia for a few days and, of course, we… Continue reading A Need for Life’s Journey (for my Son)