Thinking It Through – Ep. 68 – Justin Lee (@justindeanlee) – #Reading in the #MeToo Age Could Create More Virtuous Men

Justin Dean Lee Picture

Next on Thinking It Through: Today, I got to conversed with writer (and teacher), Justin Lee, about a piece that he wrote recently laying out an idea to create more virtuous men in the age of the #MeToo movement. His idea involves reading…and lots of it.

Justin Lee’s Twitter

Justin Lee’s Arc Digital Author Page

Justin Lee’s Website

In The Age Of #MeToo, Men Must Read More Literary Fiction by Justin Lee

Karen Swallow Prior’s On Reading Well

00:00 – 01:51 = Introduction / What is Justin Lee?

01:52 – 04:29 = The Choice to be a Writer and a Teacher

04:30 – 17:22 = Lee’s Arc Digital piece (You should read it!  The link is above.)

17:23 – 19:14 = Finding more of Lee’s work / Ending

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