Thinking It Through – Ep. 67 – John Wood Jr. (@JohnRWoodJr) Interview – Depolarizing #Politics

Next on Thinking It Through: Today, I got to interview John R. Wood, Jr., who is the Director of Media Development at Better Angels and hosts Transcending Politics. We have a short and sweet conversation about his background, the goal behind Better Angels, and a Quillette piece that he wrote concerning Black contrarianism. Enjoy!

John R. Wood Jr.’s Twitter

John R. Wood Jr.’s Areo Magazine Author Page

John R. Wood Jr.’s Quillette Author Page

Transcending Politics with John Wood, Jr. (YouTube)

Better Angels

The Spectrum of Black Contrarianism by John R. Wood Jr.

00:00-02:39 = Introduction / What is Better Angels?

02:40 – 13:16 = The Importance of Depolarizing Politics

13:17 – 15:58 = Wood’s writing

15:59 – 19:51 = Wood on his latest piece about Black contrarianism

19:52 – 21:11  = Ending

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