What Makes America Great? Well….it depends!

America is Great!  Without a doubt!  However, it’s greatness (or lack thereof) is still subjective to each and every person that lives within its borders.  Please check out my thoughts! Please feel free to send me your questions, thoughts, and/or comments at: jadanner1@yahoo.com! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ **Order you some Two Good Cocoa** ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Jerome Danner (jadanner1@yahoo.com) is a member ofContinue reading “What Makes America Great? Well….it depends!”

Thinking It Through – Ep. 65 – Curt Mills (@CurtMills of @TheNatlInterest) Interview

Next on Thinking It Through: I get to interview Curt Mills, Foreign Affairs reporter of The National Interest! We spoke about the sanctions on Iran, which Curt Mills reported back on August 6th, for The National Interest – Sanctions Reimposed: Trump Administration Continues Ferocious Tack On Iran. Curt Mills’ Author Page (on The National Interest’sContinue reading “Thinking It Through – Ep. 65 – Curt Mills (@CurtMills of @TheNatlInterest) Interview”