The Furor Over Robbie Tripp’s Instagram Post was Ridiculous (from August 16, 2017 – for The Daily Nerv)

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Who could have known that a single Instagram post by a man celebrating the love he has for his wife and her body would cause him to receive backlash?

Well, then again, in these times where social media permeates in everything, it is not all that surprising actually. However, it is ridiculous to see people’s asinine responses.

Back on July 30th, Robbie Tripp wrote a post on Instagram celebrating his wife and her body. He revealed that he was made fun of (as a younger person) for having certain likes when it came to the ladies. Instead of maybe enjoying thinner girls (we can assume), he was into lasses that may have been a bit bigger in size. He continues on in the post to encourage men in their thinking on female body types (or stereotypes) and being able to love a woman that may not have the type of body that is usually seen in movies or in magazines posing in some bikini. Then, he reminded the ladies that they do not have “to fit a certain mold to be loved and appreciated.”

His entire post seems to be inspired by the idea that he could encourage others by showing them how he loves his wife, despite the fact that she does not have the supermodel’s body type. He appeared to have wanted to pass on an optimism that would inspire others (his Instagram followers) to see body types differently when it came to who they may have thought they could love.

What is wrong with that some may think? He is praising his wife and honoring her. He even desires to encourage others while building his beloved up and is memorializing it through social media in view of his 60,000-something followers. How can that be a bad thing?

Well, apparently, you can’t please everyone.

Besides the love and support that Tripp received, he also (and the world saw because of the post going viral) the overreactions of many on Twitter. One person wrote, “Wow, how brave. If you think you deserve a medal for loving a child you adopt or dating a curvy woman you can show yourself out.” If one receives his post carefully, then you will see that it appears his does not have some ulterior motive to build himself up as a candidate for the Husband of the Year Awards. He seems genuine in the words in the post, plus, there is not contest for great husbands as far as I am aware of. It is possible that he could have used different words or taken a different approach altogether, especially when he starts talking about educating himself on feminism. Maybe he could have expounded on his point more when he spoke of the media marginalizing women by the way they look. He have could done a lot of things, but he didn’t and you can help yourself to move past his Instagram account if you are so displeased with what he wrote.

The sad thing is some of those of the opposing belief that his post was anti-feminist, or just plain wrong, did not seem to have taken a class in logic either. For example, Maria Del Russo, a senior sex & relationships writer for Refinery 29, posted, “Saying that you Life your wife “even though she’s ‘chubby’” doesn’t make you brave, it makes you a jerk. You’re still objectifying her, dude.” Then, one minute later, she writes, “He also says that “real” women have curves, while maligning porn workers and movie stars. Not very feminist there, Robbie.” So, he is wrong if he is indeed actually objectifying his wife, but he should not speak ill of those working in the porn industry, which…….objectifies women! Being objectified is pretty much in the job description of being a porn star. So, is it wrong to objectify or just wrong to not objectify those supposedly sexually-free persons working in this particular industry?

It is hard to make in-depth, thoughtful points on Twitter within the confines of posts that only allow 140 characters. If you do give a thought that may hold some validity, then it is hard to continue in giving a detailed explanation of your view or a worthwhile syllogism that allows for healthy debate. But, in these cases, cogent remarks were completely out of the window or above their heads.

It was good to see that he did not let all the negativity get him down. Plus, while others were busy knocking his post, his wife (the woman who the post was about in the first place) supported her husband’s words, which should actually settle it. His wife apparently loved his post, so who cares what anyone else thinks really. If this couple are okay with the images and words that each other posts, then those with dissenting views should learn to respectfully disagree and move on and write about their thoughts elsewhere.

However, it does show that when you make posts on social media, any kind of posts, but especially ones dealing with race, politics, religion, and even “body positive” images apparently, you may receive some unwarranted, unfounded, and extreme criticism that does not help encourage you to educate yourself and change your way of thinking.

If you didn’t know that the world of social media is not always based in reality, then now you do. Therefore, enter in knowing that everyone residing there are not always interested in taking the red pill.

Originally published on The Daily Nerv – August 16, 2017

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