Dennis Rodman and his Apparent “Friendship” with a Dictator (from June 24, 2017 – for The Daily Nerv)

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For anyone old enough to have watched Dennis Rodman’s time as a basketball player back in the 1980 and 1990s, you likely remember his skills as a rebounder and defensive player. He brought a lot of excitement to the Detroit Pistons and even more so when he joined the Chicago Bulls.

But then came the hair-dyeing, cross-dressing, and legal problems Dennis Rodman. Furthermore, he started having other exciting antics on the court that would make him remembered as a “bad boy.” He did everything from headbutt a referee to kick a cameraman in his groin.

There were times when Rodman’s thoughts and actions seemed incomprehensible during his professional basketball playing days. However, it seems that, long after his playing days and younger years, he still lives in something of an absurd reality and has incoherent ideas, especially about a particular dictator named Kim Jong-un.

He recently gave an interview to Michael Strahan, co-anchor on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” where he speaks about his friendship with Jong-un and the release and death of Otto Warmbier. At one point, Rodman tells Strahan: “I don’t look at the political side about him [Kim Jong-un]. I look at the friendship about him.” I have to credit Strahan for remaining professional and keeping a straight face because that was the first statement that caught me off-guard.


It appears as if Rodman wants to dismiss certain aspects of who Kim Jong-un is and what he is in his country. Many people, besides it seems some famous people, like Sean Penn who befriended Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, would deny any friendship with a person that they thought would be capable of having their own brother assassinated. Also, this interview falls after a college student, Otto Warmbier, was released by North Korea to return home to the United States in bad health, which led to his death. How can Rodman still defend this kind of dictator by just looking at him as just a politician? President Trump is just a politician. Jong-un runs a country as something close to a ‘god’ with death (of actual family members) inside of his history.

Rodman should think about if his own life could ever be in danger. If his “friend” can have actual family members die in suspicious ways to the outside world, then isn’t it feasible to think that his own life could be placed in danger at any minute?

Plus, if he is in North Korea when a crime is committed, then he better remember that he more than likely will not be able to leave. Let the name — Otto Warmbier — be a reminder to that truth!

Originally published on The Daily Nerv – June 8, 2017

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    Proverbs 3: 5-6. HE WILL ORDER OUR STEPS!


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