Watching the “Black Panther” Movie and Taking Some Lessons From It (#BlackPanther / #Marvel)

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Well, it looks like Marvel Studios will take in even more money from the Black Panther movie, which reveals people bought into the hype leading up to it. It is without a doubt that the movie is worth everyone’s time. The entertaining film is irresistible, not only because it is comical and the action is eye-catching. In addition to those things, it has characters that anyone can get emotionally attached to and the story line kept your attention throughout the movie.

Nevertheless, it was the kind of movie that had very poignant moments that could drive you to tears and provoke deep contemplation.

For example, scenes that depicted a struggle between keeping with tradition and accepting change caused me to have to think about some things as a conservative person. I believe in traditions, but I was reminded that sometimes I will have to learn to compromise with the changes going on around me.

Of course, it is a delicate balance to continue with tradition and making some adjustments with personal beliefs here and there. One has to be careful to rid one’s self completely of all traditions, if those some of those traditions have been found to be beneficial to one’s life. I think that is what partially happens in the Black Panther movie. The main character accepted some forms of change (i.e. using his country’s resources to benefit the world), while simultaneously keeping with certain traditions that made his country have such a beautiful heritage (i.e. his still being royalty after some changes were made to his country’s way of life).

Anyway, that is what I love about great movies: entertainment with introspection, if done tastefully, can go hand-in-hand!

Jerome Danner is a member of Project 21, an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook for more of his thoughts and commentary.

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