So, This is #Christmas

Every year when Christmas comes around, my family and I do the same thing typically.  We get together, take time to remember the Lord (because we love our Christian faith), open gifts, and break bread together.  We usually bounce between my parents’ home and my grandmother’s home (while also making the time to see my in-laws).  It is a laughter-filled time of conversation, hugs, and hearty meals.

To me, this is Christmas!  This is what it is all about: the fellowship with loved ones.  The fellowship is what is to be cherished.

It is simple to allow this day and other holidays to be just about the gifts.  Or allow the giving f gifts to be the biggest priority.  However, the gifts will fade.  At some point, my son and other children (even adults) will more than likely forget about the gifts that they received today.

How do you think about that?  Tomorrow, or in the near future, today’s gift won’t hold much value unless the value was placed there by the person giving it.  So, the gift is valuable (if it is such a gift) long after the day it is received because of the person that shared the gift, doing so, during the time of fellowship.

Everything taking place today, and during this time – Christmastime, hinges off of the fellowship that takes place between all of us.  Therefore, remember to Fellowship like you have never done before.

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