The Republican’s #TaxReform Comes to Town

Finally, on Wednesday, December 20, 2017, the Republicans got something done on tax reform.  It seemed miraculous that they were able to come together (in the House and the Senate) and get the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed.  Well, maybe it was not a miracle, nothing in politics really ever is.  But it was and is a major deal that needed to get done as they had been talking about it long enough.

In politics, you know that you can only ride so long on mere words.  If you do not walk it like you talk it, then the American people will help you to the door with their vote!

Well, it looks as if the GOP finally got this mantra and decided to act on it.  With 2018 being the year that will reveal if many of them will get to keep their jobs or not, they (or most of them) had to have been keeping this in the back of their minds while they worked on getting tax reform done before this year was put in the history books.  Now, after the votes were put in, there were corporations that were jumping on board by giving pay raises and bonuses to their employees.  Of course, February 2018 will be deciding factor for many Americans too: we will then see if actual tax cuts are coming our way and if our paychecks are holding on to another dollar.

Check out the video below for more of my commentary:

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