No More for Moore and Omarosa Out in 2018 (#RoyMoore / #Omarosa)

Alabama voted yesterday and it came out last night that Moore will be no more!  Well, at least, politically-speaking, his time is up for now.  Of course, he may not give up so easily since Doug Jones won by such a narrow margin.  Obviously, that is Moore’s right, even if it would seem that he is only trying to ward against reality.

For some, Doug Jones has appeared to have pulled off the impossible: a Democrat getting elected in a heavily conservative-leaning state.  But this is just a reminder that anything can happen in politics, especially when you have a number of swing voters and a candidate that is problematic.  I mean, have people forgotten what happened back in November of 2016 already?

Jones’ win is a reminder that the candidate running really does matter, even if the state where he is running typically backs politicians from his very own party.  Moore has had problems from allegations made about his interactions with teenagers in the past and ill-advised statements made about the times of slavery and Muslims being barred from holding office.  Also, he apparently had not been very active in the public this past week, which may have been to dodge questions.  As National Review’s Jim Geraghty wrote last night and reiterated this today, the Republican party dodged a bullet yesterday.

Of course, leave it up to old Trump to take a losing moment for someone else and to his party and turn it into a boasting moment for himself (and a comical moment for me to laugh; one of the rarest Twitter posts to do so).  Apparently, he saw Jones’ win last night before it actually happened.

Beside this loss, the White House looks to be having another loss in January 2018.  Breaking news came out this morning that Omarosa Manigault Newman, former reality television star and current director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison, is resigning from her position.  Of course, I was wondering if there will be more to the story in days and weeks to come.  From some posts that I have seen (and will share below), it looks like there is something brewing.  No surprise there, if true!

However, it could be an honest desire to move on to something else.

You never know what is and what isn’t completely when it comes to politics.  We will just have to wait and see.

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