My Conservatism (and the Need to Learn More About It)


I write today because, as many times before, I desire to ask a question to help with my growth as a thinker and writer.  But I will not get to the question until the end of this post.  The more that I have come to accept being a conservative individual, the more I desire to understand what it is that I am identifying with.

I know conservatism can be a few different things to different people.  You know it may be akin to those of us who are religious (and may be in some way, those who are irreligious): we may adhere to a certain religion, say Christianity, but different Christians will see Christianity as being different things (even things that are heretical to what has been argued as its core beliefs).

Conservatism, as a political and social philosophy, has becoming increasingly more important to me as something that I must dig my heels into.  I no longer just desire to claim myself a conservative because of my sporadic hero-worship of my father and my fandom of individuals like Ben Shapiro, Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Roger Scruton.  Now, my identification as a conservative is rooted in more of an acceptance of seeing certain things appearing to be right or a better course of action (partially stemming from my worldview).

For example, I am against abortion because I see it as a right course of action to not kill humans in the womb, even if they are not fully developed or have a fully evolved personhood (or an awareness of self).

However, I know that there is still more for me to think through as to why I prefer this road than a more liberal progressive one.  Plus, I read a piece the other day that really grabbed my attention about what conservatism is also about.  From the author’s view (and maybe Edmund Burke’s view), conservatism can even be community-centric and accepting of change, even a change that it disapproves of.  I like this idea!

So, after reading this piece, it may me realize that I have more to do when it comes to researching and understanding conservatism.  It means a ton more books and a lot of deep reflection on what it is that I accept as truth.  It means that I need to learn more about Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walt Williams, Edmund Burke, Russel Kirk, F. A. Hayek, William F. Buckley, and apparently so many more.

I have my work cut out for me when it comes to being a true conservative.

So, finally, to my question.  It is this: how much should one know about a philosophy or religion that they adhere to, before they say that they are an adherent of said belief system?

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One thought on “My Conservatism (and the Need to Learn More About It)

  1. I am a conservative because I believe Jesus Christ is the only name whereby we must be saved. Therefore I believe that the bible rightly divided lays out the principles, doctrine, and rules to think on and live by.

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