Ep. 56 – Megan McClain (@TheMeganMcClain) Interview – “The #Art of #Impression” / @MomFailPodcast / @ImpressObsess / @nkdsalesguy /

Next on Thinking It Through: I decided to switch it up this week and take a break from politics and other controversial news.  I conversed with Megan McClain, formerly Megan Waddell, and she educates me on the art of the impression.

Megan McClain

00:00 – 06:37 = Introduction / Update on Megan McClain (On Podcasts and Business)

06:38 – 12:21 = The importance of making a good 1st impression

12:22 – 13:24 = Two Good Cocoa (Commercial)

13:25 – 20:44 = Millennials making good impressions (3 Great Tips)

20:45 – 23:58 = Moving on and up in your career

23:59 – 27:15 = Understanding the generation of your boss (or your employee)

27:16 – 28:27 = Ending


**Order you some Two Good Cocoa**

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Episode 28 – #FridayFeeling Conversation with @Waddell1Megan of @TwoGoodCocoa (Megan Waddell)

Impressions Obsession

Impressions Obsession (Twitter)

Naked Sales Guy

Naked Sales Guy (Twitter)

Mom Fail Podcast

Mom Fail Podcast (Twitter)


(Music on Episode: “Happenins’ville” by Jerome Danner (Me)) *I own the copyright.*

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