ReThinking the Issues Between Law Enforcement and African Americans

Issues stemming from race has a long and storied past and still rears its ugly head these days as well.  The problems involving race goes as far back as the exploration of this land by European explorers, then the birth of this nation when citizens could “own” slaves, who were Africans typically.  Over the nextContinue reading “ReThinking the Issues Between Law Enforcement and African Americans”

Episode 47 – John J. Miller (@heymiller of @NRO) Interview on #Obamacare #Repeal Not Happening, #Writing, & Salvador #Dali

Next on Thinking It Through:  John J. Miller, national correspondent for National Review, joins me to talk about the GOP’s Obamacare Repeal Failure, Journalism and Writing, and his Salvador Dali piece in the National Review, back on June 12, 2017. 00:00 – 01:28 = Introduction 01:29 – 06:43 = Republicans not passing healthcare bill 06:44 – 10:07 = Miller’s inspirationContinue reading “Episode 47 – John J. Miller (@heymiller of @NRO) Interview on #Obamacare #Repeal Not Happening, #Writing, & Salvador #Dali”


1 Corinthians 3:7 = “So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. (NIV)” John 6:63 = “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you–they are full of the Spirit and life. (NIV)” John 6:65 =Continue reading “YOU CAN’T “STRATEGIZE” SPIRITUALITY”

To be #Young, #Christian, and #Black (#African-#American)

Recently I was listening an old episode of the podcast of the Trackstarz and the question was asked, “Are Black people really Christians?”  I must admit I was slightly taken aback (in a good way).  Not because I felt offended in any way, but because here are young, Christian African-Americans, who are taking the time toContinue reading “To be #Young, #Christian, and #Black (#African-#American)”

BOOK REVIEW – “Aborting Aristotle: Examining Fatal Fallacies in the Abortion Debate”

[This is a book review on ABORTING ARISTOTLE written by Dave Sterrett (of Disruptive Truth).] This book is very helpful in understanding the prolife position of the abortion debate.  What makes it worth reading is that it doesn’t just pile on some religious rhetoric for why babies should be valued, but Sterrett does an excellentContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW – “Aborting Aristotle: Examining Fatal Fallacies in the Abortion Debate””

Episode 46 – @maximledoux Interview – Becoming #Conservative, New York Taxes, the G20 Summit, & #Republicans NOT Repealing and Replacing #Obamacare

Next on Thinking It Through:  I converse with Max Ledoux on how he went from voting for Hillary Clinton in a primary to becoming a Conservative, the taxes in New York, the G20 Summit and Trump’s Warsaw speech, and Republicans not repealing and replacing Obamacare.  (There may be slight sounds of a baby’s cries inContinue reading “Episode 46 – @maximledoux Interview – Becoming #Conservative, New York Taxes, the G20 Summit, & #Republicans NOT Repealing and Replacing #Obamacare”

Episode 45 – @DerryckGreen Interview – #Black #Conservatives, Modern-day #Racism, Trump, & Healthcare

Next on Thinking It Through:  I converse with Dr. Derryck Green about NBA star LeBron James’ response (a little while back) to a racial epithet being spray-painted on the security gate in front of his Los Angeles home, modern-day racism vs. historical racism, Black conservatives and Black liberals, and Trump’s tweets and his presidency. 00:00Continue reading “Episode 45 – @DerryckGreen Interview – #Black #Conservatives, Modern-day #Racism, Trump, & Healthcare”

Why You Should Watch Your Theology?

I believe that the study of theology has become more important to my life in the last three years than its ever been.  The older I have gotten, and the more I have grown in my love of Jesus Christ, the more I see how important it is for people to “watch your theology.”  WhenContinue reading “Why You Should Watch Your Theology?”