Devotional for #Christian Greeters #5 (For Sunday, April 16, 2017 – Easter Sunday) – by Jerome Danner – Greeting Others in the Light of Christ’s Cross

Easter Sunday for the Christian is the time that we are reminded of our Lord’s Resurrection from the grave.  This magnificent mystery to us humans is at the center of what we hold to be true.  If Jesus, God the Son, has not Risen from the grave, then our worship is empty and wasted.

But we hold this as truth, as an actual event from 2000 years ago, therefore, we worship Christ in spirit and in truth.  We should also greet others in the same vein.  Our greeting should extend from the joy of worshiping a Risen Savior.

We are blessed by Christ and we want to tell others of that blessing if they do not know it for themselves or remind them of the blessing that they have if they have accepted Him.

It is possible to let life and our flesh get in the way of our holding to the Cross and never forgetting it.  This is why Easter is a good time to be reminded of what Christ did for all of us and why greeters should want to play a part in that reminder.  We should loudly proclaim and whisper (while we embrace people) the truth that Christ is Risen.

Also, remind others to live every day thinking on Christ’s Resurrection; greeters may help to bring things to remembrance too.


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