Episode 20 – Conversation with Dr. Ruth Ellen Porter #Sciences #Humanities

Next on Thinking It Through: I interview my supervisor, Dr. Ruth Ellen Porter, the Dean of the School of Arts and Professional Studies, at South Georgia State College.  We speak about the side project that she has started on.  Her research deals with the intersection of the sciences with the humanities.

(Music on Episode: “Happenins’ville” by Jerome Danner (Me)) *I own the copyright.*

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  1. What a great conversation! I studied comparative literature, and it changed my life–enhancing analytical thinking to break down copy for different businesses, applying theory to understand literature as art, and inspiring me as a storyteller.

    An interdisciplinary approach to education is essential to building a thoughtful, versatile workforce who seek quality of thinking in their personal and professional lives.

    Thanks for these interviews. Kudos!

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    1. jadanner1 says:

      I can’t thank you enough for listening to them and being so kind to leave comments!

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      1. Always a pleasure. Wonderful teaching moments. Like your music, too! Love southern GA. Some family on coast.

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      2. jadanner1 says:

        Really? Yeah, my wife grew up down here. I still hope to move away some day. I bounced around a bit as a child and like the idea of seeing other places.

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  2. Demetria says:

    I love Dr. Porter. She was one of my professors during my time at Brewton-Parker College. I took several courses under her leadership and I idolized her. She was (is) an intellectual who takes her craft seriously. I am so proud to say that she influenced my career and my love for English. Keep rocking Dr. Porter ❤️.


    1. I’ll try to make sure that I share your comment with her.


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