Episode 21 – Conversation with Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox @WilcoxNMP

Next on Thinking It Through: I interview Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox about an article that he co-wrote, which deals with the Church helping African American males to flourish n America.  The article appeared in The Atlantic magazine and was titled: “How the Church Helps Black Men Flourish in America”. Dr. Wilcox on Twitter National MarriageContinue reading “Episode 21 – Conversation with Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox @WilcoxNMP”

My #Religion: Simple and Complex

The older that I get, the more I desire to grow in my faith and in my relationship with my Lord.  As a child and even as a younger man, I thought or felt, what some who are irreligious may feel, which is that religion can be silly and simple in too many ways.  IContinue reading “My #Religion: Simple and Complex”

Episode 20 – Conversation with Dr. Ruth Ellen Porter #Sciences #Humanities

Next on Thinking It Through: I interview my supervisor, Dr. Ruth Ellen Porter, the Dean of the School of Arts and Professional Studies, at South Georgia State College.  We speak about the side project that she has started on.  Her research deals with the intersection of the sciences with the humanities. (Music on Episode: “Happenins’ville” byContinue reading “Episode 20 – Conversation with Dr. Ruth Ellen Porter #Sciences #Humanities”

Episode 19 – Conversation with @KSPrior

Next on Thinking It Through:  I am blessed with the chance to interview Dr. Karen Swallow Prior about her books, Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me and Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More – Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist.  We have interacted through social media for a while now and I was given the chanceContinue reading “Episode 19 – Conversation with @KSPrior”

Episode 18 – #2016, #CelebrityDeaths, and into #2017

Next on Thinking It Through:  In this episode, I look back at some moments in 2016 and look ahead to possible moments of 2017.  Also, I briefly talk about hopes for the future of this podcast.  (Corrections: Around 32:15, I said “North Carolina” and it was actually Charleston, “South Carolina.” New Year Thoughts Intro. =Continue reading “Episode 18 – #2016, #CelebrityDeaths, and into #2017”