Waiting on My Future

There is a song by Dinah Washington that I like called: “What a Difference a Day Makes“.  The song itself has more to do with love than my post, but I use the title because of the words in the actual title.  What I mean is the title itself gives off a bit of truth: what a difference a day makes.  Truly, things can really change and impact your life in twenty-four hours.

Thinking back to the night that my son was born or the day that I married my wife: those moments, those days, absolutely made a difference.  The moment (and the day) after I got married was the difference between me being a single man and a married man.  The moment (and the day) after my son was born was the difference between me being just Julia’s husband, then being her husband and being Elijah’s father.  Major events in one’s life can call for necessary changes in one’s thinking and one’s decision-making.  So, I am no longer and individual thinking as an individual who only has to worry about consequences to choices happening to him alone; anything that I do and any path that I take will directly or indirectly affect my family.

Yes, what a difference a day makes!

My son’s arrival into this world almost four weeks ago changed things for my wife and I almost immediately.  We knew that he birth would do so, but it is not until we held him that we realized things have really changed.

For example, I do not love the job that I have, but as soon as Elijah (my son) was born, and we brought him home, my wife and I talked about how much we desired that my schedule was different.  I work from eight o’clock in the morning to six o’clock at night Mondays through Fridays, while I get off at twelve o’clock on Fridays.  I work this schedule year-round.  However, my wife is a teacher, whose schedule is vastly different from my own and she has summers off.  This is not to say that I do more than she does, but that we both would like to work and be off at the same time.  Moreover, we both would love to have similar schedules and would love to be with our son at the same time.

So, now I am looking at working as an educator as well.  I have put in the materials needed in the area that I live in.  Of course, the hardest thing is the waiting.  It is being patient while I wait to see if God will open this door that I desire to walk through sooner or later or not at all.  Having faith that God will change your situation is vitally important to the Christian, but it is not always simple or easy.  However, I believe that it does one’s faith some good to endure the waiting, patiently, because it reminds us that we are not completely in control of our destiny and we know the One that has our future in His Hands.

A day makes a difference and the changes that come can bring about some trials, but I am reminded that it will all be worth it in the end.  Life is made all the more beautiful by our going through the changes and coming out the other end stronger and wiser than when we first faced the change.

Published by Jerome Danner

I am a part-time blogger and writer. I have been an educator in the past and worked for a college. I dream a lot about being a lyricist and a full-time writer. When I am not writing, then I am usually chasing after a soon-to-be 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. Please feel free to send me your questions, thoughts, and/or comments at: jadanner1@yahoo.com!

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