THINKING IT THROUGH with Jerome Danner Podcast

Episode 00

I am starting a new podcast called: “Thinking It Through with Jerome Danner.”  This is an episode to introduce the podcast and what I hope to do with it.


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15 thoughts on “Episode 00

  1. Thank you for the C.S. Lewis quote (or paraphrase). I hadn’t heard that before. I’ll check back again when you post. If you don’t mind, where and what do you teach? My husband adjuncts freshman comp and introduction to literature at a couple of schools in Pennsylvania, so I’m always curious about the experience of other collegiate educators.

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    1. Oh yeah, I loved that C.S. Lewis quote. Lord knows I can only hope to attain such knowledge and wisdom as I get older. I actually work at South Georgia State College, but I am not an instructor/professor. Maybe one day! Thank you for checking out the podcast though.


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