Get Beauty Below the Surface

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I am amazed at how many times that I have met someone who has an outward beauty that may knock a person sideways, but their heart appears to be filled with an ugliness so chilling.  It is as if no one ever told them that what is on the inside is more important than what is shown on the surface.

The heart and soul of a person is truly beautiful when that person represents things that a majority of people will consider to be beautiful; the thing that is beautiful can be seen objectively as something that is a joy to have and may benefit the person and people that they come into contact with.  (I wish I could write “that all people will consider to be beautiful,” but we all know that we all are a bit biased in one way or another.)  So, the thing that is beautiful can only be so when it radiates in a way that attracts others and causes them to desire to partake of its appealing nature and instills itself into their heart and soul.  Beautiful people (those human beings with a beautiful heart and soul) are part-magnet and part-conduit: they attract (as oppose to repel) others to the beauty residing in them and they allow the beauty to flow through them into others by their nature effortlessly and metaphysically.

We all should seek this kind of beauty.  Seeing each other as beautiful because we are walking miracles and desiring to share that beauty with one another.  Remember, skin and hair and teeth all fade away at some point, but the heart, even as it ages, cannot lose its beauty.

Have you shared some beauty today?  Are you beautiful?

Published by Jerome Danner

I am a part-time blogger and writer. I have been an educator in the past and worked for a college. I dream a lot about being a lyricist and a full-time writer. When I am not writing, then I am usually chasing after a soon-to-be 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. Please feel free to send me your questions, thoughts, and/or comments at:!

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