Cowardice is not now or ever has it been a good thing to live by.  Truth resounds in the old saying that goes: “Stand for something or fall for anything.”  Unfortunately, too many people live with some form of cowardice when it comes to standing for the truth.

You see so many different ideologies and worldviews in the world today and so much all-inclusive attitudes toward what people present as a new way of thinking or philosophy.  Moreover, it is believed  (by people’s actions and words) that the truth does not need to match with reality.  So, when reality conflicts with the truth or vice versa, then more and more people tend to reconstruct reality with what fits best for their viewpoint.

The problem is that truth is exclusive by its very definition.  For something to be true, it cannot have part truths and part falsehoods.  That obviously does not make any logical sense for a lie to be in the essence of what is the truth.

So, if truth needs to be heard, then it needs soldiers, or proponents, to stand up for it and speak it and write it boldly.  To allow a lie to continue in the marketplace of ideas without speaking out against it or exposing it as weak and not in alignment with reality is an act of cowardice, especially when you know it is not the truth and you allow others to fall prey to its enticing pull.  Now, what can be considered true or a universal truth may be another argument entirely because sometimes ideas have to be debated over.  However, when there can no longer be an argument for or against a truth, and people’s subjective ideas have been pushed to the side in favor of objective analysis, then there can be no excuse to allow an untruth to continue in existence unscathed.

Published by Jerome Danner

I am a part-time blogger and writer. I have been an educator in the past and worked for a college. I dream a lot about being a lyricist and a full-time writer. When I am not writing, then I am usually chasing after a soon-to-be 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. Please feel free to send me your questions, thoughts, and/or comments at:!

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