How Unstoppable Love Is…. How unstoppable love is as a force.  Unstoppable as a force for good, unstoppable as a force for change, love, rightly used, seems to stir and motivate the heart in ways that the mind would deem inconceivable. Eight years ago, my mind deemed it odd and impossible for a woman to change it [mind]Continue reading “How Unstoppable Love Is….”

Our Version of Perfection is Elusive How elusive “perfection” seems to be!  Many of us desire to be a certain size or look a certain way, maybe even live a specific way, but we never quite reach or attain what is deep in our imagination.  I am not saying that one can never reach satisfaction or contentment with themselves or theirContinue reading “Our Version of Perfection is Elusive”

Everyone Needs a Sanctuary: Solitude Has Its Benefits Everyone needs a sanctuary!  Whether to get one’s thoughts together on a particular tribulation, needing time for deep thought and meditation, a time to converse with God, or just to enjoy some peace and quiet, drawing away for some solitude is a good and healthy thing. Now, this is not seclusion from othersContinue reading “Everyone Needs a Sanctuary: Solitude Has Its Benefits”

Choices, Consequences, Cares, and Peace

How nice it would be to live in a world where I could be completely carefree!  It really is a nice sentiment.  But it is not realistic. Life is made up of situations where you have to make decisions that have many consequences to them.  And when you begin a family, then the results fromContinue reading “Choices, Consequences, Cares, and Peace”


Cowardice is not now or ever has it been a good thing to live by.  Truth resounds in the old saying that goes: “Stand for something or fall for anything.”  Unfortunately, too many people live with some form of cowardice when it comes to standing for the truth. You see so many different ideologies and worldviewsContinue reading “Cowardice”